How do you bring together a marketing strategy that reduces costs, maximises market-reach, and, at the same time, allows you to engage in corporate responsibility? GO COUPON brings a radical new approach to solving these three problems through a simple social networking solution.


How to Reduce Costs?


We provide use of the GO COUPON community platform at ZERO cost to sellers - providing an immediate financial saving. All deals are made directly between the seller and buyer – which assists with cashflow and cuts out hefty third party fees. We bring you into direct contact with the large groups of members and supporters of community organisations based throughout New Zealand.


It works like this – you register for a free seller account, and list your basic business description and contact details. Choose the goods and services you wish to promote and create coupons with our easy to use coupon listing tools. For example, if your goods or services have a retail price of $40, and you wish to offer a discount, say, of 50%, you would offer the deal for $20, along with a price for the coupon. The buyer pays you the price of the deal - in this case $20, less the minor value of the coupon - which the buyer pays directly to GO COUPON. We bring these deals to groups of community supporters throughout New Zealand - and you get to make sales at no cost, while also having the opportunity to promote deals to completely new sets of client networks.


All deals are accessed by purchasing coupons - which gives the right to purchasers to access your goods or services in accordance with your specific offer. You, the seller, set the coupon price - anywhere from an amount of 0.99 cents. However, we do suggest that a coupon price of around 5% to 10% of the deal price be set to encourage buyers to commit to the deal, and allow community organisations to raise serious funds. Remember, 100% of the price of EVERY coupon goes toward supporting Community Organisations, while 50% is donated to the community organisation of the buyer's choice.


How to Maximise Market Reach?


At GO COUPON, we understand marketing. Therefore, we have provided powerful network tools to allow you to engage existing and new target markets. We have sought to help businesses integrate in a meaningful way with local communities - and, toward this end, make activating and maintaining a social media strategy easy – no matter what size business you operate - even for those with zero technical skills!


We help you target buyers based in specific geographic locations via our powerful self-managed promotional campaign tools, and allow you to promote your product and service deals via large groups of community organisation support networks - achieving maximum cost effectiveness and market-reach.


But, beyond the marketing tools, and the networking-reach, and increased sales levels, it is the ability to raise funds for local community causes that has found favour with businesses throughout the country.


Engage in Corporate Responsibility


We live in community. How we contribute to our communities determines the life and vitality of those around us. We succeed or fail based upon what we do or do not do. We are structured as a charitable trust to serve the community. We provide tools for every wholesome business in New Zealand to reach out and contribute to the thousands of community causes being promoted throughout the country. With 50% of EVERY coupon sold going directly to empowering local community organisations to achieve positive outcomes for worthwhile community causes, businesses also become empowered - empowered to contribute to the community and make a difference to those around us.


The organisations we work with have hundreds of thousands of supporters and members, and thousands of causes. We invite you to join us on our free community platform to provide the kind of offers that are of value to those supporters and members, so that funds may be raised to ensure those causes are successfully completed.


Sellers – Key Benefits


• Join the movement – let’s put the money back into our local communities!
• Promote coupons for services and products all over New Zealand – or just in your own backyard - you choose!
• Access the latest in internet sales technologies at ZERO cost to you!
• Power your conversation with a dynamic set of network tools
• Gain market access to the thousands of supporters of New Zealand’s community organisations
• Run low cost highly effective self-managed promotional campaign tools
• Ideal for both corporate sellers and marketers, or home-based businesses
• So much more coming! We’ve only just got started - what are you waiting for?


What do I do now?


Start by creating a business profile, and get straight into creating coupons. Add images for goods or services, along with specifications and pricing. Make the deals attractive in terms of pricing, discounting and value. Our Account Manager will go to work to help you succeed. Register now.

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