The community is at the heart of everything we do at GO COUPON, and raising funds for worthwhile New Zealand community causes is our core mission - our raison d'etre. There is absolutely no cost to listing your community organisation with GO COUPON and specifying various causes for which you are seeking to raise funds. We will connect you to an Account Manager, who will guide you through very simple steps to allow your members and supporters to select one of your causes. As your members and supporters make purchases of coupons, your cause will earn 50% of the value for every coupon purchased.


We use technology to help community organisations raise money. We understand time is short, and funds often difficult to raise. We do not seek to replace your traditional means of fundraising, but seek to provide a completely new means to potentially raise significant amounts of funds - combining your member networks with GO COUPON technology. Your members and supporters select one of your causes to support, and as they purchase coupons - you raise funds for that specific cause at the rate of 50% of the value of each coupon. In order for you to achieve maximum fundraising success, your Account Manager will implement a strategy that works closely with your network of members and supporters - and we know you will be pleasantly surprised at the result.


Our other popular method for raising funds is our Power Donation functionality. In short, businesses commit to donating a set dollar amount for every sale of specific items they select. Community Organisations have the opportunity to promote these items, and if a buyer accesses that product through a link shared by the Community Organisation, then that Organisation receives the Power Donation. In all other cases, those funds will go to the Community Organisation of the business operators choice.  


GO COUPON facilitates all New Zealand charitable trusts – so long as they have been issued a CC registration code by the Charities Services - to raise funds for causes that benefit the community. Your cause will need to comply with our terms - just to ensure we really are building a better community! So go ahead and register, and one of our friendly Account Managers will be in touch to guide you through the process in achieving a positive result for your next community cause!


Download the Fundraising Brochure now!


So, go ahead and create your community organisation profile by registering now.

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