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GO COUPON’s raison d'etre is to build better and more connected communities. We do this by creating and delivering technology solutions to community organisations to raise funds for their specific causes – then work to network buyers and sellers around these causes.




GO COUPON is a facilitator for community organisations to raise funds for their diverse community causes. We use technology to modernise the fundraising approach. Community organisations are able to publish information about one or more causes that they are promoting. Buyers select the cause that matches their personal values, and the community organisations earn as those buyers purchase coupons. Remember, 50% of the value of every coupon sold goes back into the local community, and as we are registered as a Charitable Trust with the Charities Commission (CC51134), any other funds we earn are used to manage and improve our technology so we can achieve even more for those community organisations with which we work.


We are looking to build a significant fundraising mechanism for community organisations throughout all of New Zealand, and Account Managers form the backbone of our operation.




GO COUPON is currently establishing a minimum of 16 Regional Offices based throughout the regions of New Zealand - employing numbers of Account Managers. Each Regional Office, and their associated Account Managers, work closely with community organisations and businesses within those regions.


Regional Offices work with teams of Account Managers, and report directly to GO COUPON National HQ. The role of the Regional Office involves recruiting, training and managing Account Managers – while also moderating various online communications, handling dispute resolutions, and working on the national development team for the ongoing development ofGO COUPON. The Regional Offices are linked to specific regions based throughout New Zealand.


The work of Account Managers is to work with local community organisations to provide assistance in ensuring their causes are well funded. This involves working on targeted marketing campaigns with each community organisation’s member-base and wider supporter network. The other side of the work involves recruiting and working with local businesses to assist them with their individual marketing campaigns. By linking seller’s deals and local community organisation’s members and supporters – a powerful network is established – and fundraising targets may be achieved. GO COUPON provides all the necessary technology tools to make this happen.


If you are entrepreneurial, forward-looking, have a reasonable understanding of social-network marketing – and most of all – have a passion for supporting community organisations in their fundraising efforts - then let’s talk. The roles are commission based – and the rewards you reap are based on your success. Regional Offices, together with our Account Managers, are integral in our ability to facilitate the diverse causes sponsored by local community organisations.


Opportunities currently exist at both management levels at various Regional Offices throughout the country, and for the roles of Account Manager.


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