GO COUPON is on a mission! Our purpose is to facilitate community organisations based throughout New Zealand raise funds to permit varied worthwhile community causes to be able to be brought to fruition every year. We work directly with a wide variety of community organisations, and facilitate the members and supporters of those organisations to raise funds for their preferred community organisation – or even support a specific cause owned by that organisation.




It works like this – you, the buyer, create a free account with GO COUPON by going to the registration page and select a community organisation that reflects your values and submit your registration, or, alternatively, you can click on a registration link forwarded to you from a community organisation known to you. This effectively associates you with that organisation (and yes, you can change your supported organisation anytime at a later date). Once registered and associated with a community organisation you can go shopping. Half the value of every coupon you purchase is applied directly to your supported organisation or specifically to any specific cause you have selected.


An Example


Let’s look at an example of this where the goods or services had, say, an original full price of $40. This item may be advertised as 50% off, therefore, now being available at a price of $20. The coupon for this deal may be valued at $2. The buyer pays $2 for this coupon to access the deal, and pays the final $18 direct to the seller of the goods or services (being the sale price of $20 less the value of the coupon). Half the $2 value of the coupon, being an amount of $1, is earned by the community organisation of the buyer's choice, while the other half of the value of the coupon, also $1, is applied to support community organisations based throughout New Zealand - including the provision of dozens of Account Managers who assist these community organisations on a daily basis, and subsidise the associated technical operational expenses of running the GO COUPON platform.


Commercial Deals and Deals for the Home


We sought not only to provide deals for the home, but also to provide Commercial Deals on a business to business level. As a commercial buyer, you can refine your search to show only commercial deals, and/or bulk deals – such as stock clear outs, end of line deals, and deals that are only able to be purchased in wholesale quantities – cartons, or other units of measure.


What can you do to Help?


We hope you can make GO COUPON a regular destination for your shopping experiences, and for commercial buyers – a regular destination for sourcing your goods in trade, or for procuring your regular consumables. We believe we can achieve significant success within local communities right throughout New Zealand, and ask that you help share our vision of community fundraising with your personal or business networks. Together, we can achieve significant success within your community. Let’s take this journey together! Register now.

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