GO COUPON is a New Zealand community fundraising platform - providing unique opportunities to reach a wide variety of niche markets and, at the same time, raise funds for valuable community causes. Our goal is to provide you with the tools to allow you to implement a focused strategy to reach the target markets of your choice at the lowest possible cost.




• Fast-track your way to developing new clients and increased business opportunities
• Gain the attention of the GO COUPON network of community organisations and their members
• Specifically, target those actively looking for your products or services
• Implement promotional campaigns to ensure your products or services are listed in priority over other similar listings. Your item gets seen by your targeted audience in the regions, cities or even specific suburbs to which the item is available
• Control costs – only pay if your promotion is selected
• Determine your own cost structure – don’t let others dictate the terms!




First, we provide the tools – you do the work. We give you the options – you make the choices. Currently, we provide options for business users to list coupons in a number of specific categories. For those who wish to gain access to priority listings – allowing coupons or deals to list ahead of other deals we provide a number of tools:


But first, some key points:


• Ads are based on a pay-per-click (“PPC”) advertising model
• Ads are placed directly by Sellers – not by GO COUPON management
• You set your own Ad Campaign start and completion dates
• You set your own budget for your Ad Campaign - with granular controls
• You set your own click rate – there is no minimum or maximum click rate
• We advise you what the actual rate is for the top position, together with the average price for each following line-up of 20 promotions – allowing you to make an informed cost-benefit decision
• You choose just which coupon, or coupons, you wish to promote
• Items with higher PPC rates than similar items will appear in search results or searches made through the category tree ahead of items that have no PPC Ad Campaign
• Enjoy a high degree of transparency – see the price you really need to pay – rather than being fobbed of with nebulous jargon as to the real costs of gaining the actual exposure you are seeking
• Sit back and enjoy the results – and do follow your Campaign progress with our Promotion Campaign Metrics Tools


GO COUPON empowers you to create your own promotions. There is no need to talk to our staff to receive quotes, negotiate prices and to manually implement Promotional Campaigns. However, should you need technical help, or strategy advice, feel free at any time to contact one of our helpful Account Managers. Your account will be automatically associated with an Account Manager!




One of the challenges with advertising is the ability to be able to focus on specific target markets. GO COUPON has a national advertising reach, however, has also developed tools to allow Sellers to target their promotion to specific regions, cities or even down to a single specific suburb! That is a first for New Zealand, and ensures that you gain maximum value for advertising spend – directing marketing budgets to be applied within very precise locations. This works by first setting your coupon availability to a specific geographic location – and once you launch a promotional campaign for that coupon, buyers searching for coupons available in their specific locations will only see those coupons – and this means funds invested in your promotional campaign are spent exactly as you intended.




If you are looking to gain more exposure for your goods and services listed on the site, go to the Marketing section located under account management, select the specific listing and follow the instructions. Remember Promotional Campaigns can start from as little as 99 CENTS!


Create an account through the normal registration process, then go to the Marketing Section under Manage Account to get your first Promotional Campaign launched!

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