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GO COUPON is a community initiative that exists to help raise funds for the local community, and is operated by TEAM MACHINE. TEAM MACHINE was established in 2014 as a Charitable Trust of New Zealand and is a registered trust with Charities Services (CC51134).


Our focus is to facilitate New Zealand registered charitable organisations engage in community fundraising. No fees or complicated schemes – just helping with fundraising to make community goals happen. See fundraising to learn more about what we do.




The first thing that you will notice when you are creating your free, no-obligation account, is that you are required to select a community organisation that you wish to support. You may even choose to select a very specific cause as fostered by that community organisation. Your choice reflects your values. GO COUPON's mission is to empower community organisations to raise funds to see their valuable causes come to fruition. That is why we operate as a charitable trust, and why 50% of the value of every coupon sold goes to a community organisation of your choice. We use the rest of the proceeds from sales to support the national operation, 16 regional offices (currently being established) and hope to make one-off gifts to selected charities as able.


We are looking to build a significant fundraising mechanism for community organisations throughout all of New Zealand. Any organisation that is registered with the Charities Services and has been issued a corresponding CC registration number can register with us at no cost, then go ahead and directly invite their members to support their cause, or causes. Members make purchases of coupons for goods and services and hundreds, or even thousands of dollars can be raised – contributing to building an even better community. GO COUPON brings modern technologies to the age old dilemma of how to raise funds. Why would you do it any other way?




GO COUPON aims to offer the most comprehensive list of coupons for goods and services throughout New Zealand. Amazing deals can be found across a huge variety of goods and service categories – which range from entertainment options, accommodation and travel, to goods for the home, and even a whole line-up of commercial and bulk deals. But best of all, half of every dollar spent on coupons is donated to a community organisation of the buyer’s choice.


GO COUPON is a platform where buyers and sellers connect through the medium of community organisations. Businesses make offers for goods and services and set a price for the associated coupon. The price of the coupon provides the right to access various goods and services – and also reduces the price of the offer. For example, an item with a standard price of $40 may be on offer for $20, and have a $2 coupon price. In this case, the buyer will make the $2 payment direct to GO COUPON, or pay with funds previously uploaded to the buyer’s GO COUPON account. The coupon will be sent to the buyer, and the buyer will make the $18 final payment to the business at the time of redeeming the coupon – direct with that business (in-store, on the seller’s website, or by direct bank payment). The coupon purchase directly discounts the price of the deal.


Our other popular method for raising funds is our Power Donation functionality. In short, businesses commit to donating a set dollar amount for every sale of specific items they select. Community Organisations have the opportunity to promote these items, and if a buyer accesses that product through a link shared by the Community Organisation, then that Organisation receives the Power Donation. In all other cases, those funds will go to the Community Organisation of the business operators choice. 




Three reasons:


• The buyer can secure a great deal by making a very small deposit when purchasing the coupon – making the lion’s share of the payment with the business at the time of redeeming the coupon
• The business saves a huge amount in marketing costs - as they pay nothing to use the GO COUPON coupon listing service – where other Group Buy type sites retain up to 50% of the amount of any offer they arrange on their sites – making it expensive for buyers and sellers alike
• 50% of the cost of the coupon goes direct to a community organisation of the buyer’s selection




Some coupons need two or more people to group together to allow the deal to happen. This allows businesses to gather buyers together to do GROUP deals – and even manufacture in local or offshore factories EXACTLY for that specific group of buyers. The only downside for buyers is that these deals may take several weeks to deliver. The upside is - finally buyers can form their own buying groups around specific deals – while the project lead or company providing the offer – just works on manufacturing and delivery – drastically reducing prices.




GO COUPON is currently establishing a minimum of 16 Regional Offices based throughout the regions of New Zealand – each employing Account Managers. Each Regional Office, and their associated Account Managers, work closely with community organisations and businesses within those regions – ensuring their causes are well supported. Account Managers also work to recruit local businesses who gain access to the enormous network of Community organisations based throughout the country. If you are entrepreneurial, forward-looking, have a reasonable understanding of social networks and associated marketing – and most of all – have a passion for supporting community organisations in their fundraising efforts - then let’s talk. See Employment Opportunities for more details.




Go to the Registration Page to create your own account - buy, sell, or register your community organisation.

Let’s make a significant difference TOGETHER by building better and more connected communities!

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