Welcome to GoCoupon Help Center. We are committed to making the GoCoupon experience as easy and rewarding as possible. Our resources are here to help you with a whole range of issues - from technical issues, and buying hints, to using the GoCoupon platform to build a better and more connected community by supporting the fundraising initiatives of local community organisations.
Tell me about Fundraising
Our community organisation is seeking to raise funds - can GO COUPON really help us for FREE?

GO COUPON is designed right from the outset to raise funds for community organisations based throughout New Zealand. There is absolutely no cost to listing your community organisation and specifying various causes for which you are seeking to raise funds. We will connect you to an Account Manager, who will guide you through very simple steps to allow your members and supporters to select one of your causes. As your members and supporters make purchases of coupons, your cause will earn 50% of the value for every coupon purchased.

We are not a registered charity - can we still participate with GO COUPON to raise funds for our community projects?

Yes, GO COUPON facilitates all organisations - registered or not - to raise funds for causes that benefit the community. However, one off gifts are only reserved for those organisations that are registered as Charitable Trusts with Charities Services. Your cause will need to comply with our terms - just to ensure we really are building a better community! 

Well, just how much money can we raise?

We use technology to help community organisations raise money. We understand time is short, and funds are even under more demand. We seek to provide a mass means for your members and supporters to select one of your causes and as they purchase coupons - you raise funds valued at 50% of the value of each coupon. So how much can you raise on a monthly basis? By working with one of our Account Managers, we will implement a strategy that may produce hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on a monthly basis. The key point to achieve fundraising success is to develop a large and active network amongst your members and supporters.

Selling? Learn more...
I operate a business - should I use GO COUPON?

Yes! GO COUPON is specifically designed to network both buyers and sellers though the medium of community organisations. For sellers, it is free to use. Create an account, and upload coupons for goods or services aimed at the home market, the commercial market, or to re-sellers. There is no limit to the number of coupons you can upload. You will gain exposure to the thousands of members and supporters associated with community groups throughout New Zealand - and the good news is that 50% of EVERY coupon purchased goes to a community organisation of the buyer's choice.

Questions about money
How do I pay for coupons?

International payment provider Paypal (boasting more than 100 million active user accounts and processing billions of dollars of payments annually) provides our payment solution. Major credit cards are accepted.

Can I pay for each coupon one at a time?

Yes, you can pay for each coupon one at a time - or you can upload a larger amount of money to your GO COUPON account - and spend down those funds bit by bit as you buy coupons.

I paid for a coupon, but the deal did not go live - now what?

Our goal is for every groupbuy coupon to go live - but sometimes the buying group cannot be established quickly enough to make some deals happen. In these cases, the full value of the coupon you purchased will be returned to your GO COUPON account - and this amount will be fully available to purchase the next deal in which you choose to participate. It is not technically feasible to return those funds to your credit card, therefore, this means you may have a small balance in your account from time to time.

Can I pay by Visa or MasterCard?

Yes you can. We accept payments by Visa or MasterCard.

Coupons and how they work
What is a Coupon?

GO COUPON provides members of the public access to deals for products and services. Once a coupon is purchased, it provides the buyer the right to buy these products or services in accordance with the conditions detailed in the offer. Payment for the goods and services is made direct from the buyer to the seller. It is important to follow the instructions very carefully when redeeming the coupon.

What kind of coupons can I buy?

You can find coupons that provide deals for services, or for products - or sometimes both! But GO COUPON also offers coupons that are specifically designed to be attractive for businesses - providing coupons for commercial products and services. Coupons that provide access to bulk deals can also be located by refining your search. These bulk deals provide access to stock clearance deals, or wholesale or importer's goods.

Tell me about Commercial Coupons

Goods and services are delivered to the market - always with a type of buyer in mind.  GO COUPON understands market segmentation and has made it easy to find goods and services aimed at the home market, or alternatively for the commercial market. Refine your search to show only commercial coupons - these cover products and services for use within commercial environments, and also show products and services that are able to be re-sold.

Group Coupons - how does this work?

One of the best areas of functionality found at GO COUPON is the ability of buyers to group together to access amazing deals. As a buying group is formed - centred around specific deals - powerful savings are able to be achieved. Some deals even allow for product to be sourced direct from factories based offshore (via local importers) - paying little more than the manufacturing cost! See details about the minimum number of buyers required to make the deal go live - shown under each coupon.

Tell me about Bulk Deal Coupons

Looking for bulk deals - deals that provide access to more than one item at a time? Bulk deals provide access to a whole bunch of assorted deals - from a wide range of categories - some ideal for the home - and others ideal for commercial use.

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