RM Collections Limited

RM Collections Limited
Lower Hutt, Wellington Region
We are classified as In Trade
Organisation Name: RM Collections Limited 
Our Address: Alicetown, Lower Hutt, Wellington Region 
Telephone: 045660166 
Mobile: 021595665 
Email: myerdanz@gmail.com 
Web: www.erda.co.nz 
Skype: abbas.munshi 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/myerdanz 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/myerdanz 
GOCOUPON ID: http://www.gocoupon.co.nz/en/commercial/301
About Us

Go Green Go erda!
To us, sustainability means caring for the planet and its resources. Kiwis are becoming increasingly conscious of their environment and supportive of sustainable consumerism, with a majority now believing - it’s important to transition from conventional to a natural way of living!

Giving thorough attention and care to the Mother Earth and its immense gift to humanity, we bring to you, your very own online one-stop-shop for sustainable, green and enviro-friendly products - that have been passionately carved to be safe for you, and the world around us. Here at www.erda.co.nz, we endeavour to cater to a range of niche green products, endorsing a natural way of life, while protecting the environment.

You can browse wide variants of products from natural perfumery, balms and incense to green bags, slippers and everything in between – come and dive in the beautiful eco-ethical world.

Our passionate team, comprising of creative and diligent professionals is devoutly focused on building erda an entity, that is environmentally sustainable and fosters spreading our belief in the benefits found in nature holistically.

The journey continues to unfold, as more environment-friendly products are discovered and added to our bandwagon - giving an opportunity to claim high standards.

We support the following cause
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